Gillis Wedding - Glover Ranch / Tucson, AZ

I was so glad when Andi contacted me to capture her and Brandon’s wedding day back towards the beginning of the year. With Andi being a college friend, it made it that much easier to connect and just hang out with her and Brandon.

They chose to have their engagement session out at their farm in Arrey, NM and we had an absolute blast. They brought all of their dogs and it was basically one of the funniest sessions I’ve had… Scroll to the very bottom to see a few shots from that session. 

Andi and Brandon’s special day was pretty much what country wedding dreams are made of though… 

From the big open fields and the rustic secluded atmosphere of the venue, Glover Ranch, to the quaint decor mix of all the elements of their lives, the wedding itself was pretty much perfect. The weather couldn’t have been better. Andi and Brandon were married out in a big open field between two tall trees. It was the perfect spot for a country wedding.

The florals were provided by A Floral Note, and her work was just stunning. She incorporated cotton, which was part of Andi’s theme, into her work and that gave it such a unique, simplistic element to the bouquets. They were absolutely beautiful!

I couldn’t be more excited for these two as they make their journey together. I pretty much always do a little happy dance when I get couples like these two…They were both so excited to just finally be married to each other and it is so evident in their photos.  

So scroll down and relive their day, just like I did!








































































































Engagement Session in Arrey, New Mexico



^^ This is probably the best photo I’ve taken yet…just saying ^^

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